coinmastermosttechs| The real test of giant AI model API prices lies in technical strength

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RecentlyCoinmastermosttechs, Alibaba-SW (HK09988, share price 78Coinmastermosttechs.150 Hong Kong dollars with a market capitalization of 1Coinmastermosttechs(HK $.59 trillion), Baidu Group-SW (HK09888, HK $97.900, market capitalization HK $274.6 billion), Tencent Holdings (HK00700, HK $377.000, market capitalization HK $3.55 trillion) and other technology giants have sharply reduced the price of the AI model API (application programming interface).

This new price war will not only inject new vitality into the market, but also highlight the influence of these technology brands in the AI field.

In fact, the energy of the brand comes from its unique value proposition and unparalleled innovation ability. Ali, Baidu and Tencent have greatly reduced their prices through this price adjustment.CoinmastermosttechsThe threshold for the use of the AI model highlights the persistent pursuit of technology brands for technological progress. From a broad perspective, this innovative initiative allows more enterprises, developers and even individual users to easily access cutting-edge AI technology, thus promoting the widespread popularization and innovative development of AI applications.

However, it is also important to note that the real test of the API model lies in the strength of the model. If the technical difference is difficult to open, it is difficult for the price to form a significant gap, which may eventually lead to the dilution of the value of the model call. Although they are still important technological infrastructure, their value may fall from "oil" to "water", not to mention the brand value behind the model.

Major release

Shanghai Pharmaceutical (SH601607): application for listing of Perindopril tert-butylamine has been approved

Shanghai Pharmaceutical announced on May 20 that Shangyao Kangli (Changzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., had received a notice of approval for the listing of Perindopril tert-butylamine (notice No.: 2024YS00408) issued by the State Drug Administration, and the drug had been approved for production.

Comments: perindopril tert-butylamine is a cardiovascular drug, which is the third generation of strong and long-acting angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI). It has a stable antihypertensive and protective effect on heart and kidney, and can be used in hypertension and congestive heart failure. This approval will not only enhance Shanghai Pharmaceutical's market share in the field of cardiovascular medicine, but also help the company consolidate its leading position in the pharmaceutical industry.

coinmastermosttechs| The real test of giant AI model API prices lies in technical strength

Operation measures

Alibaba-SW (HK09988), Baidu Group-SW (HK09888), Tencent Holdings (HK00700): significantly reduce the price of the big model

On May 21, Aliyun announced that the API input price of Tongyi Qianwen commercial model Qwen-Long was reduced to 0.0005 yuan per thousand tokens, a drop of 97%. You can buy 2 million tokens for 1 yuan, which is equivalent to the text volume of five Xinhua dictionaries. Subsequently, Baidu posted on its official Wechat that the two main models, ENIRE Speed and ENIRE Lite, are completely free of charge. On May 22nd, Tencent Cloud announced a new price plan for large models. The API input and output price of mixed lite model was adjusted from 0.008 yuan / thousand tokens to free; the input price of mixed-standard model decreased by 55%; the output price of mixed-standard model decreased by 50%; the API input price of mixed-standard-256k model decreased by 87.5%; and the output price of API of mixed-API model decreased by 50%.

Comments: the three technology giants Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have significantly reduced the prices of large models, which not only highlights their fierce competition in the field of AI, but also reflects the strategic importance that companies attach to AI technology. The move to adjust the price is designed to promote the popularity and innovation of AI applications by lowering the barriers to use and attracting more developers to use their AI technology. It is expected that in the future, with the continuous development of AI technology, major companies will continue to increase investment in the field of AI, through price competition, technological innovation and other means to compete for market share. Group-SW (HK09618), Tencent Holdings (HK00700): pay and WeChat Pay achieve interconnection

Recently, pay and WeChat Pay have achieved interconnection, becoming the first third-party payment institution in the industry to access both Wechat personal code and merchant code, the blackboard newspaper reported on May 21. pay this interconnection to Financial App as the carrier, at the merchant code interchange level has been carried out in some merchants first pilot, the follow-up will gradually fully open interoperability, users can scan the Wechat collection code through Financial App to pay.

Comments: the interconnection between and Tencent's Wechat in the payment field has undoubtedly opened up new growth space for the two giants. pay's access to Wechat personal code and merchant code this time not only reflects 's innovative ability in the field of payment technology, but also shows his firm determination to open up and cooperate and enhance user experience.

The new product is on the line

Mindray Medical (SZ300760): Mindray Endoscopic Stapler SHARK officially released

On May 22nd, the Minui mirror stapler SHARK was officially released. It is reported that the intelligent chip carried by the Merry mirror stapler SHARK provides TRS algorithm support to achieve intelligent speed regulation, intelligent risk aversion and intelligent feedback, helping operators to achieve a higher nail yield and reduce the incidence of failure in the process of cutting and suturing tissue or blood vessels.

Comments: Mindray Medical launched endoscopic stapler SHARK, which shows Mindray's innovative strength in the field of medical devices, improves the accuracy and safety of surgery, and has significant market competitiveness. This move is in line with Mindray Medical's strategic plan of continuously increasing R & D investment and enhancing product competitiveness, and is expected to occupy a more favorable position in the medical device market.

Personnel change

China Foreign Transportation (SH601598): appoint Li Xiaoyan as the company's financial director

On May 20, Sinotrans announced that the company's board of directors recently received a letter of resignation from Mr. Wang Jiuyun, the company's chief financial officer. Mr. Wang Jiuyun will no longer hold the post of chief financial officer due to job adjustment. Nominated by the general manager of the company, examined and approved by the board of directors nomination committee and audit committee, the board of directors unanimously agreed to appoint Ms. Li Xiaoyan as the company's chief financial officer.

Comments: public data show that Li Xiaoyan is a senior accountant, a Chinese certified public accountant, a British royal chartered certified public accountant, a global chartered management accountant and a national high-end accountant. she graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University majoring in accounting. she holds a master's degree in management and has more than 16 years of financial experience.

Citic Bank (SH601998): appoint he Jinsong as vice president of the bank

On May 23, Citic Bank announced that the board of directors had agreed to appoint he Jinsong as vice president, and that he would officially take office from the date when regulators approved his qualifications as vice president.

Comments: according to public data, he Jinsong has nearly 27 years of experience in China's banking industry, and has successively studied in the Department of Agricultural Economics and the School of Finance of Southwest University of Finance and Economics with bachelor's and master's degrees in economics and senior economist.

Important cooperation

Weilai-SW (HK09866): strategic cooperation with FAW of China on charging and replacing electricity

On May 21, China FAW and Weilai signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. It is reported that the two sides will carry out omni-directional and multi-level in-depth strategic cooperation in the field of rechargeable electricity, deepening long-term cooperation mechanisms in areas including the establishment of battery technical standards, the research and development of rechargeable and rechargeable battery models, the management and operation of battery assets, the construction and operation of the ecological service network for rechargeable power supply, and the procurement and matching of the battery industry, so as to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership. Up to now, Weilai has reached strategic cooperation with seven car companies, including Changan Automobile, Geely holding Group, Chery Automobile, Jiangqi Group, Lutes, GAC GROUP and FAW of China.

Comments: Weilai reached a strategic cooperation with FAW of China to promote the rapid layout of the rechargeable network and the innovation of battery technology. This cooperation will involve the formulation of battery technical standards, the research and development of rechargeable battery models and other areas, which will help to improve the compatibility and convenience of the rechargeable network. Weilai has established recharging cooperation with 7 automobile companies, showing its active layout and leading position in the field of new energy vehicle infrastructure.

SH600104: formally signed a cooperation agreement with Audi Automobile

On May 20th, SAIC and Audi jointly announced that following the signing of a memorandum of understanding on deepening strategic cooperation in July last year, the two sides formally signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop a number of high-end intelligent electric vehicles for SAIC Audi and jointly launch the Advanced Digitized Platform intelligent digital platform. The two sides are integrating superior resources and jointly developing a series of follow-up electric models. The first product is expected to go on sale in 2025.

Comments: Audi Automobile has a strong product definition of high-end models, vehicle R & D and engineering capabilities; SAIC leads the industry in intelligent electric innovation technology. This cooperation will not only enhance SAIC's competitiveness in the high-end electric car market, but also provide new opportunities for both sides to explore future travel methods.

SZ000950: signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Beijing Century Trading Co., Ltd.

On May 22nd, heavy Pharmaceutical Holdings announced that it had signed a "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Beijing Century Trading Co., Ltd., in order to give full play to their respective areas of advantage. cooperation will be carried out around consumer goods supply chain, pharmaceutical health care, wholesale and retail, warehousing logistics and supply chain.

Comments: this cooperation aims to give full play to their respective advantages and improve business efficiency and market share through warehousing logistics and supply chain integration. Heavy Pharmaceutical Holdings, as a leading enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical circulation, combined with 's advantages in e-commerce and logistics, will effectively promote the rapid development of pharmaceutical e-commerce and bring new growth power for both sides. This cooperation is of far-reaching significance and has broad prospects for the future.